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In the largest city of Kentucky, Louisville, people like to keep the traditions gained for more than 200 years. Party Bus Louisville, is the newest of them all! When it comes to parties, people here know how to have fun, and how to organize some great events. During the latest years, a new method to have fun appeared: party buses. We are talking about the Louisville Party Bus, the best method to spend some great time on the road. With the Louisville Kentucky Party Bus, you will enjoy a great ride, the perfect party, while taking a tour of this beautiful city. Our Kids Party Bus Rentals are our most requested vehicles!

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A tour of Louisville without a stop at Sergio’s World Beers, on Story Avenue, 40206 is inconceivable. With a friendly staff and with a large selection of international beers, this is a famous Dive bar in this city. Another interesting location is Zanzabar, on S Preston Street, 40217, where you can enjoy line dancing, even if it is a bar with a German atmosphere.

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At Nachbar, Charles Street 40204, you can use the picnic tables, and it also has great beers on draft and bottles. Then, you can stop at the Back Door, which has pretty good prices considering the great food and the wide selection of foods. A stop at the garage Bar is also interesting, as this bar in E Market Street offers you the possibility to drink the finest whiskeys and beers in a garage. Party Bus Louisville is the go to limo service!

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Louisville is not the biggest city in the United States, but it has a large metropolitan area, with tens of great places to visit. You can talk with the Louisville Kentucky Party Bus Rental company to offer you a great method to visit those places. Our limo service Louisville is also an affordable option. For those traveling to other cities such as Cincinnati, we can assist you in securing a party bus rental in any location across the US thanks to our affiliate partners.

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The Party Bus prices are not as high as you might expect, and considering the large number of cultural events that take place here every year, you can consider the Limo Bus Rental to impress your upcoming guests at those events. The Limo Buses in Louisville can take your guests to the Kentucky Derby; the most important festival here, but the Party bus Company can also offer you transportation for other events. Traveling to Tennessee? Be sure to use the service provided by Party Bus in Nashville, a premiere limo service provided. Book a Party Bus Rental now!

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The largest Beatles festival in the world takes place here, and if you want to rent a party Bus in Louisville for this event, it is a good idea to book it in time, as the companies are assaulted with orders during those days. What better method to arrive at a classical rock festival than the Cheap Party Bus Rentals Louisville?

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Of course, even if music is like a religion for people here, you can book a Prom limo in Louisville for the most important day in the life of your child, and later when he or she wants to get married, you can think about the low cost wedding party bus that would offer his or hers guests a great transportation method. But before you get married, you must celebrate with your friends using our Bachelor Party Bus or Bachelorette Party Bus Rental. Just enter the website and book your party bus right now!

If you are planning a trip to Ohio, be sure to check out our partners are Cincinnati Party Bus. If you are heading to Indiana, you can use Indianapolis Party Bus Rental.

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Party Bus Louisville has been the leading provider of transportation in Louisville and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with clean and safe transportation to ensure their event is a success. With over 20 years of experience, we have built the industry’s best reputation for service, reliability, and 24-hr emergency response times. We offer top brands including: MCI Bus, Blue Bird, Prevost Bus & MotorCoach Industries that come equipped with amenities such as climate control systems/conditions so you can stay comfortable throughout your trip! Make sure to book today before it’s too late!

Louisville Charter Bus Rentals

Louisville Limousine Service is the premier charter bus rental company in Louisville. We offer the best buses for your group and a variety of amenities. Our customers love our luxury fleet of party buses, limousines and motor coaches because they are comfortable, reliable, fun and easy to customize to fit your needs. Our knowledgeable staff can help you plan out every step of your event from transportation to accommodations so that it goes off without a hitch!

Bus Rental Company in Louisville

You’re in good hands with our premier bus rental company, who has been serving the Louisville area. We have a large fleet of buses, limousines and vans that are clean and well maintained, so you can be sure that your party will be safe and comfortable!

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While on the go, we want to make sure you have access to all of the best amenities. That’s why we offer limousine rentals in Louisville, KY. Our limo service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so you can get things done easily, We are open year-round, so if you need to book a reservation for your next special event or birthday celebration, don’t hesitate! Our wide range of options will ensure that your trip is comfortable and enjoyable from beginning to end. At Party Bus Louisville , we understand how much time and effort goes into planning for an event such as this one—that’s why our team works hard at making sure that every detail is accounted for before hand so that everyone involved has nothing else left on their mind but having fun! If you have any questions or concerns about what we can do with our limousine rental services near me then please contact us today by calling or filling out our online request form.

Luxury Limousine Rental Prices

As with all things, the best way to find out about the price of a luxury limousine rental is to get an estimate. The good news is that we offer free quotes, so you don’t have to commit anything before you’re sure it’s right for you. When determining cost of your transportation, there are a few different factors that come into play: size, style and amenities; destination; and additional fees such as fuel surcharge or tolls. We also offer per mile rates as well as hourly rates ranging from $50-$200 per hour depending on location and vehicle type (new vs used). The prices may vary slightly depending on whether it’s a weekend night or weekday morning because we sometimes offer discounts for off-peak hours during non-holiday periods like New Year’s Eve where demand for our vehicles are high but supply is low due to holiday vacations being taken by most companies during this period.

Our Limo Service Louisville Options Are Easy To Book

Party Bus Louisville also offers a variety of limo services in the Louisville, KY area. You can book our limo service through our website, over the phone, via email or text message, fax machine or even in person at one of our locations. Our services include:

  • Corporate Transportation
  • Special Events & Proms
  • Family Reunions & Weddings
  • Airport Transfers (both arrivals and departures)

Types Of Buses Available From Our Bus Company

Party Buses-Our party bus fleet is always expanding to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you need a luxury ride for your birthday party or a fun getaway for your bachelor/bachelorette party, we have the perfect vehicle for you. Our buses come in different sizes and offer amenities such as flat screen TVs, surround sound systems and more! Because we have such a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, there is sure to be one that fits your needs perfectly! Charter Buses-Our charter buses are available for transportation services of all kinds—whether it’s going on vacation with family & friends or taking colleagues down memory lane on their annual corporate retreat. We carry both full-size coaches and mid-size motorcoaches which can accommodate up to 60 passengers each! Plus they come equipped with comfortable seating arrangements including reclining seats with armrests (available upon request). So whether it’s business related or just want some fun with friends & family members – let us take care of everything so all you need do is sit back relax enjoy yourself!

Why Choose Motorcoach & Minibus Service

We have a wide range of vehicles. Our fleet includes buses, limousines, and luxury coaches that are sure to meet your transportation needs. We have a great reputation. Since opening our doors, we’ve built up an excellent reputation for providing reliable transportation at competitive prices.

What are Minibuses?

Minibuses are smaller versions of buses, designed to fit between 7 and 16 passengers. They are commonly used as school buses, but they’re also popular for transporting sports teams, family reunions and other large groups. Minibuses have less seating space than a full-size bus (they can hold up to 12 people), but they come equipped with all the amenities you would expect from your standard party bus: restrooms and air conditioning.

Not Sure if a Bus Is Right for You?

When planning for your special event, you may be considering a bus to transport all of your guests. But what exactly is a party bus? What is the difference between a charters and motorcoach? In this section, we will cover all of these questions and more! A party bus is usually used by businesses to transport employees from their workplace to another location. They are also commonly rented out for events such as bachelor/bachelorette parties or birthday celebrations. A charter bus is similar to a school bus in that it can be used for transporting large groups of people with luggage or other items onboard. The main difference between the two types of buses is that charters are typically smaller than school buses and have fewer seats available per trip (around 12-30). A motorcoach has multiple rows of seating and often includes amenities such as televisions/DVD players/WiFi access inside each cabin area on board the vehicle itself; whereas sightseeing tours do not have these same features since they travel across open terrains instead!

You can find a lot of great attractions and activities in Louisville. Some of the most popular ones include: Churchill Downs, home to the Kentucky Derby and the famous Twin Spires Bellarmine University, a Catholic university that was founded in 1898 by Archbishop John Lancaster Spalding The Louisville Zoo, which is one of the oldest zoos in the country and has over 1,000 animals in its collection Waterfront Park is one of the largest parks in Kentucky and it offers plenty for visitors to do including concerts, festivals and fireworks displays throughout the year. You also have plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from if you want something more than just food at your destination. Some popular places include: Pelican’s Reef; Pegasus Lounge; Voodoo BBQ & Grill; Fleur de Lis Kitchen & Cocktails (a French restaurant); Tavern on Fourth (a bar with live music) And last but not least there are plenty of hotels near Louisville if you want something comfortable while spending time here

Getting Started

If you’re considering booking a bus, here are some things to keep in mind: Make sure you have enough people. If the bus can only accommodate 10 people, and your group is 15 or more, then it might not be worth it for everyone to take two cars. Be organized and start planning early—the sooner you get started on booking a party bus, the better! You should also check out our FAQ page for any additional questions that may arise during your planning process. After deciding whether or not to book with Party Bus Louisville, we’ll set up an appointment with one of our representatives so they can help determine which type of vehicle is best suited for your needs. We offer several different options ranging from day trips around town all the way up through full-sized buses capable of accommodating 50+ passengers!