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Louisville charters is a top notch transportation service that offers an array of vehicles for rent. Whether you need to rent a party bus, limousine, or shuttle service, our team can help you plan your trip and make sure it goes off without a hitch! Our company has been around and has provided transportation services all over Louisville.

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Your wedding is the most important event of your life, so you need to be sure that it is perfect. Besides the church, the location of the party and the guest’s lists, you will also have to take care of transportation. If you have a large group of people coming from the airport especially for this event, than you can offer them the perfect transportation method with the Louisville Kentucky Party Buses. Talk with the Louisville Kentucky Party Bus Rental companies, establish all the details, and book the buses you need right now. Besides impressing your guests, you will also offer them the fastest and most pleasant method to visit this beautiful city, to discover its attractions and nightlife.

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One of the fewest Italian bars in Louisville is Mozzarella Bar and Enoteca, which can be found on Market Street, 40202. Here, you can have Mozz, which is a food of Italian inspiration. For sports events, you can stop at the Shenanigan’s Pub, on Norris Pl, 40205, where you can see the NFL matches, and you can also enjoy the cheapest beer in town! Of course, you will get hungry after, and you can stop at Za’s Pizza Pub, on Bardstown, 40205. It is the favorite pizza of Louisville locals, but the tourists like it just as much. There is also the Ri Ra Irish Pub that is an American – Irish traditional bar, being considered as the best place in city where you can listen live music. If you want to try good bourbon, you can find it on Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar, on N Fourth Street.

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Party Bus Rentals Louisville

For weddings and proms, you are probably looking for the Party Buses in Louisville KY to transport your guests in an exclusive manner from one location to the other. There is the Prom Party Bus in Louisville or the low cost limo for proms and weddings, but this does not mean that the party bus can’t be booked for bachelorette party, or even if you just need to have some fun around the city.

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As for the Party Bus prices, just enter the website to find your preferred way of transportation. Why do you need to go to a club where it might be crowded, and where the DJ would probably play only music that you don’t like? Bring your iPod with you, as the Limo Bus Rental Company offers you the possibility to connect it to the sound system of the Limo Buses in Louisville, so you can enjoy whatever music you like.

Cheap Party Bus Louisville

limo party busIt is of no importance if you want to organize a bachelor’s party, or a simple meeting with your friends. The Party Bus Company has the bus you need at your disposal, and you can be sure you can’t get bored in a city like Louisville. There are many reasons to rent a party Bus in Louisville, as or the drivers, you can be sure that they are all professional. The Cheap Party Bus Rentals Louisville has the latest cool bar at board, and even if the party bus company is not allowed to offer you drinks, you can bring it on board for the best party ever!

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Limousine Bus and Party Bus Rentals in Louisville Kentucky

Party buses are a fun way to travel, especially for large groups and special events. We have a fleet of party bus rentals available in Louisville Kentucky that come in luxurious limousines, party buses and luxury coaches. Our vehicles include all the amenities you need to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable. Whether you are celebrating an important milestone like a wedding, birthday or bachelor party; travelling with co-workers on business; or just looking for an entertaining way to spend time with family members or friends—a party bus rental from Louisville Charters is the perfect solution!

Party Bus Rentals Near Me

Party buses are the most popular type of large-capacity transportation. They’re ideal for bachelor parties or other special events where you want to travel with a big group of people in comfort and style. Party buses can be rented by the hour or day, and they’re more cost-effective than limousines because they hold more passengers (up to 20 people). We can help you find the perfect party bus rental near you! Our team has worked with hundreds of companies across Louisville who have used us for their transportation needs. We know how important it is for you to find reliable service providers that meet your needs, so we’ll work hard to get you what you need at an affordable rate. One thing that sets us apart from other companies is our commitment to customer service—we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service from start to finish! If there’s anything we can do to make your experience better, let us know!

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Why Choose Louisville Limos Kentucky?

You want a party bus rental from the best party bus rental company in Louisville Kentucky. We offer the newest, most luxurious fleet of party buses and limousines in the city at rates you won’t find anywhere else. We also offer the best customer service around, so if you need help planning your big event or just want to say hello, give us a call today!

Luxury Party Bus Options

Louisville Charters is proud to offer a wide variety of party bus options to those who need transportation for their group. Party bus rentals are ideal for events such as bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthdays and more! Party Bus Rental: Party buses are large vehicles that seat up to 30 people. They can be used for weddings, proms or any other event where you have a large group of people traveling together. Limo Bus Rental: These luxury limos allow you to bring your entire group out on the town in style! With amenities like flat screen TVs and surround sound systems, these motor coaches are sure to add some excitement to your night! Mini Bus Rental: Mini buses are perfect if you have an intimate gathering of friends or family members looking for something smaller than a full-sized bus. They seat 12 passengers comfortably in their plush seats with plenty of leg room for comfort! Minibus Rental: Where mini buses offer more space than most standard cars do but less overall seating capacity than full sized limousines or motor coaches; minibuses provide even more room than most SUVs at only slightly greater cost per person than their smaller counterparts would cost per person; this makes them ideal solution when trying something new without breaking budget either way too much money spent unnecessarily – especially considering how easy it’ll likely be find discount prices online instead paying full price out front!

Party Bus Pricing Explained

Your party bus rental price depends on the size of your group, the distance you’re traveling, and other factors. Here are some of the things that can affect how much money it costs to rent a party bus:

  • The size of your group (the number of passengers)
  • The distance traveled
  • Time of day
  • Season

Sprinter Limo Rentals

These vehicles are available in Louisville and are great for weddings, proms, or other special events. Sprinter limos are also a great option for small groups who want to arrive at their destination together in style. With seating options ranging from 20-60 passengers depending on the model, they can accommodate even large parties without feeling cramped or crowded! Plus they offer many amenities like bars and entertainment systems that make it easy for everyone to enjoy themselves on the ride there! Finally if you need airport transportation services then these vehicles are perfect because they come with features like satellite televisions so passengers don’t have to miss any important updates before takeoff!

Limo Sprinter Pricing Explained

How much is a limo sprinter? A limo sprinter is an extended passenger van that has been customized to include some of the amenities of a party bus. It’s usually 36 feet long and seats up to 16 people, but it can be customized to hold as many as 25 passengers. The average cost for a limo sprinter rental in Louisville is $350-$900 per day (plus tax). This price includes driver gratuity, but does not include fuel charges or tolls—those are your responsibility to pay for when you return the vehicle at the end of your trip.

First Class Service

For those who want the best experiences and highest quality service, Louisville Charters is the party bus rental company you need. We are a family owned and operated business that has been in business. Since then, we have provided our customers with first class service as well as high quality products and services. We are also a professional company that treats all of its clients with respect on every occasion no matter how big or small your event may be. Our professionals will provide you with nothing less than what you expect from them during any type of event whether it is for business purposes or personal reasons such as weddings, birthdays or other celebrations. We are highly reliable when it comes to providing transportation services because we understand how important punctuality can be when needing transportation at certain times such as getting someone from work before it closes so they do not miss their shift (or vice versa). If this happens often enough then there could be some negative consequences so being able to rely on someone who will show up early enough so there won’t be any problems later down the road helps keep everyone happy!

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Executive Party Bus Rentals

Whether it’s your birthday, a bachelor or bachelorette party, or just any old night out with friends, we’ve got the vehicle and amenities to make sure your time is spent in style. Our executive buses are perfect for large groups who want space and comfort. They include: A luxurious interior with leather seating and high-end furnishings that feel more like a limousine than a bus A state-of-the-art sound system with multiple speakers so everyone can hear their favorite music without having to compete over who gets control of the aux cord

Executive Party Bus Prices Explained

The price you pay for your rental is based on the total number of passengers you have on your bus, as well as the size of the vehicle. This means that if you rent a large bus, then it will cost more than a smaller one. Price quotes are an estimate and may vary depending on the time of year and length of time that you rent with us. Our prices are based on the number of hours that you rent our vehicles for. For example: if you want to rent our party buses for 4 hours at $150/hour but only use them for 3 hours (i.e., 9 hours total), then please call us before making payment so we can refund any overpayment!

Airport Transportation

Whether it is an airport transfer or shuttle that you need we can accommodate any size group whether it’s just two or twenty-two passengers traveling together! Our party busses were designed for comfort with leather seating and surround sound entertainment systems along with bars on board so no matter what kind of music you like there will be something playing just for you! We also provide free wifi so that everyone can stay connected while on their trip as well as complimentary snacks provided by our friendly staff at no additional cost!

Bus Shuttle To The Venue With Wedding Transportation

The wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and it’s important to make sure that everything goes smoothly. To do this, you should hire a wedding planner and decide on a venue. Louisville Charters helps you with getting to your destination safely with their limo bus rental services. The bus shuttle can be decorated for weddings if needed and there is enough room for all of your guests to ride comfortably!

Coach Bus Transport For Sport Teams

In addition to regular charter buses, we also have luxury motor coaches that seat up to 54 people and can be rented for any sporting event in Kentucky or Indiana. The motorcoaches feature comfortable seats with armrests and adjustable headrests; climate control systems; power outlets so you can plug in your laptop or phone charger; Wi-Fi connectivity so everyone on board can remain connected throughout their trip; restrooms with sinks so players don’t have to wait in line before entering them during stops along the way; televisions mounted above each seat so passengers can watch movies if they choose (or just have something else going on while they rest); luggage compartments underneath each row of seats where items like backpacks can be stowed away securely when not needed during travel time; tinted windows that protect against sun damage while still allowing light inside (and keeping outside observers from seeing what’s happening inside). We even offer optional upgrades such as satellite radio stations along with larger screens than those found on standard vehicles at no extra cost!

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School Bus Rentals For Perfect School Trips

School bus rentals are great for large groups of students, teachers, and chaperones. These vehicles are safe, comfortable, reliable and can be rented for a day or longer. If you want to explore the area around your school with your classmates, then renting a school bus is the way to do it! There are many fun things that you can do together on your trip including: Visiting historic sites such as Civil War battlefields or historical landmarks. Taking tours of local museums and art galleries. Going on field trips to local parks and nature preserves where there will be plenty of opportunities for hiking, fishing and swimming in beautiful lakes or rivers. A rental bus will also give everyone involved something special to look forward to after they get back from their trip; imagine how much fun it will be when everyone sits down together later that night over dinner talking about all their favorite moments from their big adventure!

Book Corporate Travel Party Buses

Booking a party bus rental from Louisville Charters is a breeze. We take care of everything, including the parking and traffic permits required to park your party bus in downtown Louisville. With our fleet of modern charter buses, you’ll enjoy free Wi-Fi and custom entertainment systems that include TV’s with DVD players, surround sound systems, music libraries, Blu-ray players and more!

Prom and Formal Limo Shuttle Service

The limo shuttle service from Louisville Charters is the perfect way to get your friends, family and loved ones to the big event. You can have a large group of people going in one vehicle or split them up into smaller groups depending on what works best for you. All of our vehicles come with a professional driver who will take care of all the details so that you can enjoy your night out without having to worry about anything!

Bus Rentals

If you’re looking for affordable homecoming bus rentals in Louisville Kentucky, we can help. Booking your party bus rental online is quick and easy. All you need to do is choose from one of our great party bus rental packages and add the number of passengers you plan on bringing along. We offer everything from luxury limousine-style vehicles to large party buses that can hold up to 50 people! Our prices are so affordable, they’re almost unbelievable! You won’t find a lower rate anywhere else in Louisville Kentucky. We also have special group rates available for groups travelling together—just call us at 502-898-5121 and ask about these rates before booking your trip! There are many different ways that you can customize your homecoming transportation with Louisville Charters: we offer various sizes and styles of vehicles; multiple options for interior design (ranging from simple leather seating arrangements to full bars); onboard televisions; Wi-Fi Internet access; custom lighting effects; flat screen monitors with surround sound systems—and even bottle service available upon request! Additionally, if there’s something special about how we can accommodate your needs via our long list of amenities or packages…we’re happy since it means less stress on everyone involved (you won’t have any last-minute surprises).

Travel Comfortably With Pub Crawl Minibuses

Traveling with a group of friends can be fun and convenient, but you might find that you want a little more privacy than what’s available on public transportation. A party bus rental from Louisville Charters is the perfect solution: you can travel comfortably with pub crawl minibuses. If you’ve ever been on one of these charters before, then you know how nice it is to travel with your own drinks. You don’t have to worry about running out of beer or soda and having to go back home or ask someone else for some more money at the bar—you’ll always have enough booze in your belly! Also, music and snacks are great additions to any ride around Louisville Kentuck so why not bring them along? If these things sound good to you too then maybe it’s time for a trip on one of our popular pub crawls today!

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Booking a Party Bus Rental From Louisville Charters Is Simple

Booking a party bus rental from Louisville Charters is simple when you use our online booking system. After you choose your desired pick-up and drop-off locations, the next step is to select the type of vehicle that meets your needs. You can then select an available day for pickup and drop-off. Next, we’ll ask for some basic information about yourself, as well as details about your trip including how many passengers will be riding in the vehicle and whether or not there are any special requests for accommodations such as extra stops along the way. Our staff members will then contact you by phone or email within 24 hours to confirm all details of your reservation before charging any sort of payment. If everything checks out, we’ll send an invoice via PayPal or credit card payment link which means it’s now time to start planning what activities await during this epic adventure!