Limo Bus Louisville

In a city like Louisville, you can find an event or a party every night. Whether it is Saturday evening or a dull Monday night, there are numerous events here. If you want to attend those events in style, and to be noticed at your arrival, the Louisville Party Bus represents the best transportation method. Just try the Louisville Kentucky Party Bus once, and you would never want to go to an event without it. As for the options offered, you can be sure that the Louisville Kentucky Party Bus Rental company has a bus prepared for any kind of event. We now offer kids party bus rentals!

The perfect night can start at the O’Shea’s traditional Irish Pub, on Baxter Avenue, 40204, a place where you can taste the great Beer Cheese. If you are fed up with all those beers, you can drink a nice coffee on Check’s CafĂ©, on E Burnett Avenue, 40217. You can even have lunch here, so consider this lounge as a great option for the morning, once the tour of Louisville’s bars is over. Of course, you will also have to eat, and if you are a fan of pizza, than you must visit Wick’s Pizza Parlor & Pub, on Baxter Avenue, 40204. If you are looking for a more exclusive atmosphere with expensive drinks, than Maker’s Mark Bourbon house is the best lounge for this purpose. It is a new bar decorated in an American style, where you can taste the finest American but also international drinks.